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I’m not sure if I set the topic right but maybe you can help me anyways.
We are using enscape to quickly render our models. Enscape does not feature a material library therefore I’m looking for something like a bulk material replacer. Something where I can choose the materials in a model and replace them with a given set of new materials.

The second option would be to quickly add information through the attribute inspector because there the material info is also stored. there is only the problem that only the one color which is currently chosen in the dynamic component is shown. I would like to change the info for 20 materials of the 30 which are in the DC.

In both cases it is important that the materials keep the same name as they are used in dynamic components which change the material and if the name changes this feature would not work any more.

I looked already at the material replacer extension from Thom Thom but I was looking for more like a “hit a button & done” option

Any idea how I could make this work?

This would need to be a custom Ruby extension, I’d think.

Definitely sounds like you need an extension.

Like this?

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ok thanks.

The extension looks great. However I think it is offering even too much possibilities. We made the products dynamic and do not need anything to choose from.
It is really more about adding information to the materials (once it is set always the same info) before we start rendering.

I don’t know of any extension that does that, but with the ruby api the possibilities are endless.

Well I guess you are right. Another thing on my list to learn.