Adding to Collection; Model Not Showing Up? 'Oops Message'



For the past day, I have been adding models from the warehouse to my collections. Though the feature was functional yesterday, today I have been seeing an occasional error message when trying to add more models to a collection, or it doesn’t give me the error message and shows that an additional model has been added to my collection, but it won’t show up, no matter the account I use, or if I’m on the online 3D warehouse or in-application.
I’m not sure if this is a temporary bug or a personal account or Sketchup version issue, but this is especially concerning because I am using these models for backgrounds for an artistic endeavor, with different scenes. Not being able to access a collection or categorize models based on the scene is very difficult.

New collections cannot be made as well. I tried to make a new account just to troubleshoot, and the same issue was happening there.

If anyone knows about this, please inform me. Models can still be imported into Sketchup for me, but I would very much appreciate any advice or knowledge on the subject.
I apologize if this is a simple fix or something; I am still very knew to Sketchup as a tool.

Thank you,


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