Model not showing up


i added a model this afternoon and its not showing up


here is the link, but it doesnt show up for some reason


well it doesnt show up in my models for some reason


Are you referring to the SketchUp 3D Warehouse? If so, perhaps this other topic is relevant:


well, in my models it doesnt show up. tried two more and the same thing. never had this problem before, and i dont see any solutions for it in the other thread.


Hi Mutonchopz, it will take a couple hours to show up. The issue is fixed and we’re catching up on the backlog.


thank you very much, this is the first time ive ever had an issue with anything. thank you. i love sketcchup


I have the bug now synonymous :frowning:

model uploads are not displayed in the profile
and can not be found in the search
only the direct link from the upload goes.

have the model twice in the warehouse.
but from the first upload I do not have the direct link.
therefore I can not find it and delete it. :thinking:

please kill the bug. :joy:


Be patient. The issue is being addressed and it will take some time before you become aware that it has been fixed.


OK thanks.


Same happening here, uploaded models 2 times, still not shown up, now deleted.


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