Adding Graphics to Exhibition stand model


We are an exhibition company that create visuals of stands in SkethUp. We often have to add complete graphic wraps to the stand shapes and this is where we are struggling. As we are not just adding a repeat texture we are creating full continuous graphics to add to the render

I understand how to add to a cylinder or half cylinder shape but free drawn curves are where the problem occurs. I don’t want to project the image as it distorts it.

Is there anyway of adding a full continuous image to a freedrawn solid shape without having to cut it up into individual sized strips and adding to each individual face that makes up the shape?

I can supply a model if anyone can help.




Have a look at Thrupaint, part of Fredotools.
You’ll need to register at Sketchucation to download it.


…and an example:


Looks good, can i just confirm there isnt a wy to do this in the basic SketchUp tools? (other than cutting each section face into strips and applying individually?)



Apologies for only reading some of the words.



He mentioned that he doesn’t want the distortion of that image.

You can assign the image to the first face, sample it with the paint bucket, assign to the next face, …


It’s not clear what you mean by “cutting each section face into strips” … it already is “strips”
The Surface entity is comprised of individual flat faces.
Click … View > Hidden Geometry
Then follow @Cotty’s directions.


Sorry I meant cutting the image up in photoshop into individual strips to then apply to each individual flat face in order.

I’ve just tried as per @cotty example and seem to be getting somewhere with it now.
Many thanks for all your help so far.


Thanks Cotty, thanks for the great clue. But can we use this technique to apply something like military-camo?


Yes, as long as you have an image of it that you can import in SketchUp.