Adding annotations to an existing floorplan

Hello all,

I am new to sketchup. I tried searching for the answer to my query here in the forum, but couldn’t find anything relevant.

Some quick background on my task:

I am doing a photographic survey of graffiti in a cathedral. I have been provided a sketchup floorplan which shows a top down view of all walls, pillars and so forth (a “cathedral_plan.skp” file). I have a “key” which categorizes what type of graffiti I’ve found (e.g. inscribed names or initials, commemorative, pencil, pen, etc.). The key is simply different colored dots for the different types of graffiti, and I use the instantiation field of each dot to insert the name of the photograph that corresponds to each dot. Then there’s a separate spreadsheet that ties each instantiation to a height-from-the-floor measurement.

I need to place the dot on the existing plan to show the location of each piece of graffiti I find and photograph. Essentially I’m adding a locator that has nothing to do with the plan itself - it’s simply an aid to allow others to find the graffiti again at some future date. When completed, the dots will also show where and what type of graffiti exists throughout the cathedral.

My question:

What is the best way to add the “dots” such that they do not “snap to” features of the floorplan? If I find a piece of graffiti 1/3 of the way around an arc in a pillar for example, I need to place the dot at that location. I don’t want to be pulled to any surface, placed at any end point or put on some orthogonal projection. I simply want to drop the dot at a specific point so it can be used to both locate and categorize each piece of graffiti. In my reading of tutorials and my searches, I see there’s apparently no way to turn off the “snap to” feature so I guess what I’m looking for is some kind of work-around to help me achieve the precision placement that I could get if I could turn off snap-to.

Thanks for any advice,

I would do all that annotation in LayOut. Create the various required views as scenes in sketchUp and send to LayOut. Use the scenes as viewports in LayOut and create the annotations as labels there.

Thanks for the info Dave.

I did forget to mention that I’m using Sketchup Make and not the pro version. Any ideas that might work in the Make environment?


To avoid having the end of the leader snapping to where you don’t want it, zoom in close to put it where you do.

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