Adding a curved circle and bands to a sphere

Ok, this is a little hard to explain, but ill try. I have a sphere that i made in SU pro. At the top i need to add another outline of a circle that matches the same profile as my sphere. I then need to make some bands around the sphere. Here is a picture of exactly what im trying to do. just the stuff in green:)
I can make the holes in the green and where the lenses, just fine, its the green stuff im having trouble with

free fall camera.skp (2.7 MB)

You already have the geometry you need hidden at the top for the circle, choose where you want it and copy and paste it outside the dome group.
Then intersect some faces with the dome to give you the split lines, then copy and paste outside again.
Sphere section


perfect. ill; give this a shot. Using the hidden geometry helps alot. need to get used to that.