Is there a sphere tool in SU?

Is there a sphere tool in SU? Make or Pro?


Two circles and Follow Me.

Or Place Shapes from EWH.


Thanks @DaveR and @c_j_ryan

If you do this (make a sphere or dome often), try the SU Draw Parametric Shapes plug-in.

The version on SketchUcation plug-in store has extra shapes based on helices compared with the Extension Warehouse version.

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Review this video for using the FollowMe tool to create a sphere, but also included are some very interesting uses of the FollowMe tool. I always prefer using SU native tools. Enjoy. :grinning:


That is good to know as a work around, however it still much better to be able to create all basic shapes, such as boxes or spheres, instantly with one simple click, just like all other professional 3D applications do. Why can’t SketchUp offers native tool to do the same?

Also, I noticed that SketchUp lacks the ability to adjust the object’s segments after the fact, unlike other 3D applications. Offering such features is a huge time saving and I hope to see it implemented ASAP.


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Unfortunately, Place Shapes Toolbar does not allow to change the default segments, unlike the SU Draw Parametric Shapes you can find here:

Yes , I know that. Since John posted about it already, I thought I would show some other alternatives instead of implementing - something already exist - ASAP …
Looks like I reached my goal because you finally read John’s post.