Add Location Medeek Walls SU Pro 24

I would like to import my House plans, overlay on the current location and rotate the Red/Green Axis to match my current Home lines. If I create a group and add axis the walls follow the red axis but when I change the wall to 2D setting it looks like the wall reverts to the original origin point.
Is there a way to rotate the origin RED/Green from the true north value for use with Medeek Walls?
Mac Studio Apple M1 Ultra Sonoma 14.4.1 (23E224)
SU Pro 24. Version 24.0.483

you mean an extension like Solar north ? :slight_smile:

I have never used a Medeek extensions, so you’ll have to try and see if it’s compatible or not
I’ll ping @medeek too, maybe he has a better idea

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The response from Medeek was “In the model that you are using the plugins you do not want to modify the global axis.What I suggest doing is create your building/structure in a separate model/file and then drag and drop it into your terrain/site model”.
I was trying to contain everything to one model…Its not so much the North just the ease of staying on axis

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BTW, I love the Medeek extensions

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The problem is that modifications to the global axis will impact the ability of the plugin(s) to orient properly when editing or regenerating geometry (walls, roofs, foundations etc…)

I guess I need to dive into this issue a bit deeper and see if I can figure out a solution that will allow for modifications to the global axis. So far I have not been able to figure this one out. Hence the suggestion to bring your building model into a “site” model which will then allow you to move and rotate your building model within the site model or modify your axis within the site model without impacting the functionality of the plugins.

I don’t profess to be a SketchUp expert even though I have been working with SketchUp and its API for quite a few years now and programming these extensions since 2015 (Wall plugin since 2018). Someone may have some further insights or something I may have overlooked that might prove useful in this regard. I am very open to suggestions and ways in which I can improve the plugins at every level.

Is setting solar north now built into the new Add Location plugin ?

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I have looked at this a few times actually but the issue really seems to be with rotating the global axis more than anything. If you translate the axis/origin of the model this does not seem to be a problem. At least not so far as I can tell.

I’ve also noticed that any geometry that is being brought in (ie. door knobs, electrical fixtures etc…) to the model will also be impacted if the axis is rotated.

no, it was when the extension was in labs / open beta but then it was removed in 24 and they mentioned bringing it back later.

I tried it just once then, and I don’t think it actually moved the axis, it imported the terrain at an angle + gave the file a new north for shadows.

could be the solution here, when they bring it back in the default add location tool


I am fairly new to the Medeek extensions but I have noticed the axis issue and understand its challenges. Prior to using Medeek My personal work flow broke my model into several pieces. I have a primary Model that I use for working drawings. I strip that model removing all internal components that dont affect a site model and call that a “shell” model. Then import the shell model into the site model. A imported SKP file comes in as a component and isnt affected by other axes. You do have to edit the “base” file then restrip it to update the “shell” file but unless the external elements of the building change there is really no need. Stripping the primary file makes a much smaller component that allows a lighter site model if you are adding Trees and things to the site model for rendering. Also the smaller Building model doesnt stress the site model where I can work with grading and things like that. I respect different stragities but I like to keep the location data untouched so if i want to add more data it isnt rotated. Then place the building as a component and rotate the component to the site and place it. I know this all sounds complicated but really isnt at the time of site work the building should be mostly complete. If later changes are made you can decide if the shell model needs to be updated. Keep your primary model at global “world” axis this will not corrupt the walls and roof components created with the Medeek extensions. In a perfect world this would all happen in one file. Im old enough to realize how amazing this all is and it isnt that big a deal to break up you project into several files.


Yes, that’s been my approach as well. I don’t always strip the house down all that much when sending to the site model.

I’ve also experienced the misbehavior of Medeek Wall when the global axes have been changed. I’ve sometimes made a Medeek model as a separate, parallel model, but most people aren’t going to like that.


I have been using the approach of a “House” Model and a “Site” Model. I noticed in the Beta version of the Add Location that the North was adjustable and was hoping that would rotate the Origin axis (North - (?) degrees - 90 = x kinda thing) and would run before starting Medeek, keeping doorknobs, etc in place. Thanks for your help

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Thank-you for your fairly in-depth explanation of your workflow, this is very helpful. I am still looking into this issue but fortunately breaking things into multiple models allows one to come up with a viable workaround.