Add glazing/window-by percentage of wall area


I use SketchUp to create energy models by building simple geometry using surface and export the geometry into other software using custom plugins for respective software like Sefaira, IESVE, openstudio, etc. I am trying to see if there is a plugin in SketchUp which will add glazing to the external walls as a function of percentage of external wall area?
any pointers will help.

Thank you for your time and assistance.


Math :smile:

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Quantifier Pro?

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You can make a piece of a wall with a window as a dynamic component, with the windoe size determined by a formula relating to a percentage.

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You know you can override glazing ratio’s in Sefaira once uploaded in the web application?

It certainly would be nice to have it pushed back into the model.

I think it should be included in the software itself, especially since the introduction of PreDesign:


Check this site:

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