Add geo-location doesn't work - no grab option

Hi everyone

I’m experiencing proplem with my sketchup Make.

After installing it I have tried to add geo location, and that was successfully done but when I tried to add “more imagery” it shows a small box to chose a location, but there is no grap option.

I closed this file and started new one to try it again. Now it show the small box without grap option.

I tried to uninstall it and install it again, the grap option is available at the beginning. But then after doing it once the small window shows without a grap option.

My browser is updated and I tried to delete the cookies, cash, & history but it didn’t work.

Can anyone help me please, Thanks

Drag the window bigger to expose the missing button.

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Many thanks for your help. This works just by dragging the right side just like you said.

Best wishes