Add color to surface doesn't work in another layer

I’ve created a second layer, I can create a circle in that layer, but I can’t attach a color to it.
It works in the first layer, but not in the new one …

Do you have Layer0 as your active layer?

I have 2 layers,
layer0 en layer_mid
I’ve set layer_mid as my active layer, defined a circle, but can’t attach color to it

hello, only groups or components must be put on other layers than layer0.

to paint a face, use the bucket tool (default shortcut B) after defining a texture/color in the material panel

Always leave Layer0 as your active layer. It can cause problems if you don’t. Not sure if this issue was caused by not having Layer0 active or not :thinking:

I’ve defined components, gave them a color, and was able to move them to my second layer.
Is there a possibility to define what object should be “on top”, I mean visible ?

SketchUp is a 3D modeling application. The object that should be on top needs to be placed above the other one. They can’t share the same space.

In 3D, one object blocks visibility of another by being between the other and the camera viewpoint. This relationship changes depending on where the camera is placed. There is no notion of “in front of” that doesn’t depend on where the camera lies.

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