Add a 2nd floor


What is the best method for adding a 2nd floor to a building. I normally just do one story buildings. I have explored several methods all of which work until I do a section cut and then try to apply the SectionCutFace tool. In all of the methods I have tried so far, I wind up with a single line/edge in the interior dividing the two floors.

I drew a rectangle and the used the push/pull tool to create the slab/foundation. Next I used the offset tool to form the walls. Then I drew a rectangle in the interior of the extruded walls and used the push pull tool to give some depth the ceiling of the 1st floor/floor of the 2nd floor. I then went back and used the push/pull tool to extrude the walls to the height for the 2nd story. All seemed to go well. I then added a section cut. When I look at the section cut I just see a single line/edge where I had created the ceiling/floor.

I know this is elementary but I do not know what the proper method of creating the “space” between the 2 floors. I looked at several tutorials and did some other exploration and nothing seemed to address what I am trying to accomplish. I have been using SU for a little over 2 years now so this is a little embarrassing to be having a problem accomplishing something so basic/elementary as this.

Please help remove the bright red glow from my face :rage:


I’m not saying this is the “best” way to do this, but it is a method that seems to work.

Upstairs Downstairs 2, a tutorial



Thanks for the tutorial. It is good.

I was having a DUH moment. I was forgetting to group the first floor so when I started doing things for the 2nd floor it was “attached” to the first floor. This was a silly mistake on my part.

I have been learning how to take advantage of section cuts. I drew the first floor the I added the outline for the 2nd floor. I then push/pulled the walls up. All looked fine until I applied the section cut. It showed a single line separating the 2 floors instead of the thickness between the ceiling of the first floor and floor of the second floor. DUH that is because the outline I drew and then pushed up was actually attached the to wall thus it did not really add depth to the way I was thinking when I did the push to create the “slab” for the gap between the 2 floors. Again, a basic mistake. DUH


Glad that helps. As with just about everything in SU, that cat can be skinned a few ways.