Really don't know how to start working on second floor

I need some help! I started working on trying to get an upper level/2nd story but now I’m in over my head.

I assume you don’t want to see first floor plan and model while working on second floor.
You can make use of scenes and layer visibility. Check this: Creating Scenes

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Without seeing the SU file, it is difficult to know what you are doing and so, how to help.

Sorry, I’m a noob and thought I had posted the link.

You’ve posted a link that allows us to view the end result but to upload the file itself, you need to post the actual physical file.

He has posted a link to the model in the 3D warehouse. Twice.

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After @Box’s comment, I was able to download the file from the 3DW.

Your drawing is a little confused. For starters, there is nothing on Layer 0. In fact, all raw geometry should be on Layer 0 and it is best practice to only ever have Layer 0 as the active layer when drafting. SU doesn’t force you to do this but it is the best way. You should only use other layers for ascribing Groups and Components to.

In the layer you have called Level 1, you have raw geometry in the top level and the image in a sub-group. But in layer Level 2, both the image and the geometry is in the same level. When I do this kind of thing, I would have a layer dedicated to the images and separate out the geometry onto other layers. You could have one for walls, one for floors, one for roof, etc. Within those layers, you would likely have Groups/Components.

You have also chosen to use a high level of transparency for your walls. That’s OK but can make it hard to see planes. You might find it easier to use a simpler appearance when working on the file.

It would be logical to place the image of the upper floor at an appropriate height above the one that shows the ground floor. You can then either use layers or the Hide command to hide the lower elements and make it easier to work on the upper floor. Remember that the floor will have a thickness and there is presumably an opening in it for the stairwell.

Hope that helps.

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Sorry, my comment read as rather abrupt, but on my phone now and my glasses are struggling.

No worries, mate. Made me learn how to get at the file posted in that way. Y’learn something every day!

BTW, I follow Michael Brightman’s excellent Sketchup Workflow for Architecture book. If you plan to do any amount of this kind of thing, it will help you enormously.

I haven’t looked at your model but If @simoncbevans is correct about the layers I might suggest you read my post from your earlier thread again, paying close attention the the bold section.

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