"account is incorrect"


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Heya pafishhunter,

I’d like to learn more about the issue that you’re seeing. Unfortunately, I don’t quite understand what’s happening. If you can take some screenshots, or take a screen capture video of the issue that you described. I recommend using Jing, because it’s free and works well:


Feel free to follow this tutorial on how to capture a video:


Tommy: Same issue some what which I posted about some time ago. In old forum I posted under MAC1 and had tens of hunders of posting. New forum shows mac7595 and cannot be changed. BTW I did not input MAC7595, wanted to keep old MAC1 to allow readers to have info for possible search of my previous postings.


Hi MAC1! I certainly remember you from the previous forum.

You should be able to change your user name in your profile preferences without any issue. Here’s a quick video that I made which shows how I could, theoretically, change my user name from Tommy to MAC1. You’ll see a warning when you try to change your user name which says that your previous posts won’t be linked to your MAC1 profile. If you’re ok with that, confirm the warning message and you should be all set.