Accidently reset all my shortcut! How do I retrieve it back?

LOL, the reset all button didn’t make any notice or warning that make me so confused for a minutes of why my tool didn’t work.

My question is it possible to get back my recent shortcut?

sketchup make a warning when we accidently change One shortcut that already been defined before. But make it is so easy to reset the ALL shortcut , no warning at all .

LOL the reset button shouldn’t be in between the recent shortcut and OK button, I used pen tablet and when I tried to click OK, i accidently click Reset All , without even know that I click it. Please make a warning when click “Reset All” please, it’s kinda frustrate that we have to reenter the shortcut again.!

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Unless you were Exported before… I don’t think so. :frowning:

In any case, use this feature in the future.

Anyway, I agree that a warning would be good …

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Start another instance of SketchUp without closing the current session.
Then close the one where you lost them.


i probably doing it now! Thanks ! :smiley: Love SketchUP anyway

will it resave it once I open the file again?

Or else I just export the shortcut again. Thanks

These settings are not tied to the model but saved upon closing the ‘instance’ of SketchUp, so the order is important if you have multiple instances open of SketchUp.