Accidentally "built" below the plane - help!

My whole drawing is evenly below the x-axis. I have no idea how this happened. Is there a simple way to correct it, however? Can I adjust the x-axis? Or select and move all of my drawing up as a unit?
Thank you!

Best would be to select all and move it up.

Select the whole drawing with a selection box crossing from right to left. Select the move too. Pick a point that is at grade level. Note this point will be placed at the origin. Start to move the project, let go of the mouse…type [0,0,0] hit enter. :smiley:

Thank you!!! That worked perfectly. It didn’t solve my problem of not being able to add floors, however… I had floors when I began my drawing, now I don’t. Any ideas on that?

Thank you!

Can you share the file to look at? Hard to tell now.

I think I saved it to the 3D Warehouse - interior_old_bend_redmond

Also I think I’ve just found my problem. Thank you so much for your help.

Select the whole thing and move up.