Accidental toolbar expansion

So i’ve accidentally done this:

done by pressing ctrl +

and i can’t undo it. ctrl - doesn’t work…

can someone tell me how to fix it?

Click on the magnifying glass icon at the right end of the address bar at the top. Then reset the scale of the window.

Ctrl with the scroll wheel scales the window.

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Control + and - are Windows zoom controls. There is one more:
Did you try <ctrl>0
It resets the zoom level to 100%
Note that that’s zero - the number, not the letter O!

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Thank you. ctrl - didn’t do it but ctrl 0 did.

much appreciated :slight_smile:

It does leave me with a new problem though - how to increase the number of sides on a polygon, since the instructions on the bottom bar say ctrl + or -

ctrl - does reduce them…

On Mac, just substitute the command key for control, and the same zooms work.

You could just edit the number of sides in Entity Info.

Just type the number of sides followed by ‘s’ then press return or enter like this for an octagon:

If you see the word “Sides” next to the Value Control Box at the bottom right of the window, you don’t need the ‘s’ just type the number and then return.

After the first click while drawing the polygon, it will say “Inscribed Radius” next to the VCB. If you type a number at this point, it’ll set the radius but you can still specify the number of sides if you put an ‘s’ after the number.

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