Menu not usable

While using the free online version it first appeared as iff my side menu disappeared. after monkying with it for sometime to no avail, I noticed that the menu to left and bar at bottom is just scaled so mall I can barely see it. somehow I accidentally scaled them down in the process of building a model. any ideas how to get them back to normal (readable / useable) scale? I was able to use it on another browser, but I prefer to use chrome.
any assistance would be appreciated.

Hold down ctrl and roll the scroll wheel.

You can reset the browser scaling in Chrome at the right end of the address bar, too.



God Bless you BOx !! it worked…

Dave R thank you too! nice to know multiple ways to scale, you both rock!

One other way to reset the zoom level of a Chrome window on Windows:
<ctrl>-0 ← that’s zero, not the letter “O”

The ctrl scroll wheel thing works on most things, at least on windows. It’s not something special on a particular browser. Try it on the icons on your desktop.

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