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I’m guessing this has been answered before, but I can’t find it so i’ll ask again.

My great old laptop finally died. I bought a spiffy new fast one, and moved all my files over to continue my work. Since it is now Intel, Windows 10, 64-bit, rather than AMD, Windows 7, 32-bit, I dug around on the SketchUp site and found a version of what I was using - SU Make 2015. Actually, what installed was Pro, but that’s the same as it was in 2015 when I originally installed. I expected the Pro trial to run out.

Well, the Pro trial has now run out. Rather than down-grading to Make (as I expected), I can no longer launch. The splash screen comes up and indicates the trial has expired. It asks for me to Add License, but I don’t have one to add. I really do not want to fight with version difference issues right now, and it seems to me from the forums that 2016 and 2017 have not been as stable. How do I get 2015 Make to run ?

You have to download Make in the first place. It will run as Pro for a trial period, then revert to Make. If you download Pro itself, it does NOT revert, but behaves as you describe.

After a bit of searching on this forum, I found this topic:

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This is the official page for downloading the 2 previous legacy versions of SketchUp:

Thanks John. The link i used to download to the new machine DID say “Make 2015”. But what it linked to obviously was Pro.

The link you provided worked for me. I am now back editing my models on the new machine.

Thanks Dan. I’m glad you know how to search the site better than i do.

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