Access to 3D Warehouse - Evaporated?

Having spent the last hour attempting to find the URL for 3D Warehouse and hitting “upgrade” and endless “marketing” and “self-promotion” stone walls at every turn, could someone please convey the actual URL where 3D Warehouse is now concealed?

With appreciation,

I did a search with Google using “sketchup 3d warehouse” as the search string and I got here:

I can also access it directly from within SketchUp using Window Menu → 3D Warehouse.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2015. If that is correct, the 3D Warehouse hasn’t supported that version for several years. You can go to the 3D Warehouse through your internet browser with this link: but keep in mind that most of the content will only be available for SU2017 and above. (Maybe some 2016) You can download the Collada file, though, and import the .dae file into SketchUp 2015.

See this from March of 2018

Thank you Dave! That URL failed to pop up even 3 pages deep in this
morning’s searches.

But getting bombarded with “Upgrade!” solicitations and endless
paragraphs of rationals for doing so with every clink on a link at
Sketchup in an attempt to unearth 3D Warehouse was great fun! Almost as
much as playing Pong on a sputtering Sears black and white with no
horizontal hold.

Regarding Collada files? I long for the not so distant days when
Sketchup was considered to be the “people’s car” of 3D modeling.Like,
seriously? Who ever purchased Sketchup Pro with foreknowledge that
designs in 3D Warehouse created in the same version would be purged over
a timeline not much longer than a paper sticker stuck to the tread of an
all-season tire?

Hmmmm…, let me see… Me mum’s prescription or Sketchup Upgrade?
Utility bills or Sketchup Upgrade? I don’t know if anyone ever bothered
to tell Trimble, but few can afford to keep up with the current fad in
upholstery every year…