About the denied reason of review

We recently discovered that our Extension has been denied from Extensions warehouse, but we were not informed of the reason. We are reaching out to seek further clarification on the reasons behind this decision.Could anyone provide us with more information?

please learn how to find the proper way for support:


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I just downloaded it from the EW. Seems that version 1.0.0 was accepted.

There is a that is currently denied because of blank windows and other errors.

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Not this, it’s another version.

Extension : Lookx AI Render
Username: LookX AI

Would you provide the detailed description and picture of the errors.Thanks!

I wasn’t the reviewer for your extension. What was sent to you in an email was this:

"I’m not sure what has changed but now the extension’s window turns blank after a few seconds. Until the content disappears by amount of credit displays as NaN.

Not sure if problem in the extension code or web service."