Abc (amebic) models & D5 render

I work for large model, Cyberpunk genre. My finally goal is to create animated video in D5 render. D5 supports only abc (in future will add fbx) animated models. Soo, Im really interesting, do you think to add extension or based function in sketchup, to create animated abc (alembic) models, wich will give SU artists possibility to work animated CG arts? I know SU is really cool for architecture, but do you think about CG line?
I ask because, i see how D5 render team always tries to add features which is suggested by D5 users. They also contacted me about my ideas (features) hope i will get answer.
Anyway, D5 render deserves more supports, its so cool engine.


have you tried the D5 converter extension for sketchup ?

didn’t know about D5, but it seems they did a good extension job with other softwares :slight_smile:

Yes, ofcourse. I use D5 very well, but converter dont solve what about i am. I mean, extension / feature to create animated ABC format model in Sketchup.

Maybe the Animator extension can get you what you want.

What you ask for would probably be of very limited value to the majority of SketchUp Pro users so I wouldn’t hold my breath on that. And of course there will never be any new features added to SketchUp 2017 Make so your best hope it an extension or that the converter for D5 gets modified to support what you are after.

FWIW, if you are using SketchUp in this work you do and you are getting paid for it, you need to be using SketchUp Pro anyway.

Ofcourse i have not any hope when i talk about Sketchup)) not in 2017 version and not in 3090 version too)) i just asked. You say that in sketchup 2022 pro it is possible to create ABC format animation, clothes and etc? Okey, let me know wich extension can it, can you share any tottorial?

No. I didn’t say that. How did you jump to that conclusion? I wrote “the Animator extension” which means the Animator extension. It’s from Fredo6 and available at Sketchucation.

Ah, yes i know this tool. But i meant a more. To create already animated assets for D5 render. Mhh, so sad, i have to do it in 3D max or in Blender, there is no other way. Thanks anyway

As far as I can tell, there’s no way to export animated models from Sketchup.
The fbx exported from SU are just static files and you don’t have any option to export an alembic mesh.
Animator can just render animation within Sketchup using the supported engines (Vray, Thea, Twilight).
On top of that, D5 support for animated models is really poor.
I tried it using animated fbx and alembic models exported both from Max and Blender and they work really bad (or in most cases they don’t work at all).
If you are looking for a free and powerful way to animate your models in a realtime engine, I would suggest to use Unreal Engine instead, which has great support for animated fbx and abc animated models.
It also have good support for Sketchup models if you use Datasmith for SU plugin, so you may want to animate your sketchup model straight into UE5 sequencer.
Another free and powerful option can be Unity3d which also supports fbx and abc animated models and offers native support to skp files, so that you can animate those directly into the Unity timeline.

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Thanks Panixia. Yes i know Sketchup dont support abc animation, just asked about feature in future.
I tried some abc animations in D5 and it is not so bad.
This is my work done in Sketchup and D5 render

If that feature ever comes it will not be available in SketchUp Make 2017 unless it is an extension that will work in that version…

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