A Toy Gyroscope



Looks nice! I had a few of those as a child…


Gyros and Erector sets were nerd gateway ‘drugs’.

The little 10 cent balsa airplanes took their toll as well! 40 years later and I still can’t get off the stuff!

need help!


Is this an airplane model or a model of an airplane model? :confused:


Ii is probably a picture that shows a rendering of a model depicting an old airplane model based on an early jet fighter.

I never got mine to fly. They came with a rubber band on a stick that you were supposed to use. Usually the result was a quick crash with the tail fin breaking.



  1. That is gorgeous.


If it appears to be a rendering of a model, … +1, +1, +1
It looks like the real thing.
I remember playing with one. And yes, much more than the plane got damaged/broken. :angel: