Modeling a Wooden Airplane with Tyson, Live!

This week Tyson will be modeling a wooden toy bi-plane in SketchUp, live!!

Stop on by YouTube to check it out 2021-09-10T18:00:00Z

It’s over on the SketchUp YouTube Channel


Hi, I know this is nothing to do with this Live modelling but I found a detailed plan of the Nautilus (for a possible future stream). I may or may not be around for the upcoming stream but Good Luck and enjoy!


The direct YouTube link is Modeling a Wooden Airplane with Tyson, Live! - YouTube
It’s gonna be a great one, don’t miss it live!


Swordfish on the after deck of HMS Victorious, 24 May 1941. The next day, nine Swordfish from Victorious attacked Bismarck.

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Another great one! Thanks guys.

Maybe I missed a discussion of this on the session but looking at the Victorious photo up top, it seems like the wings pivot backwards.
That’s got to be a serious hinge!

If you are interested this is a 10:40 YT vid on Swordfish operations. Regarding the wing fold, 3 person cockpit and steps - not bullet holes Tyson -, topics discussed in the live stream they are all answered from timestamp 0:20 - 01:30, with wingfold after landing at 08:00 and 09:45 The rest is a good watch and is a fantastic insight into the bravery of the Naval Aviators and their support crews of the time and the conditions in which they had to operate. Modern H&S would have a fit if this happened today


Next time maybe Tyson would take on the 1946 Globe Swift.

These are scans from some of my photos.

This one shows the right aileron in action. The light colored line near the front of the wing is a slot. You can see it in the first picture, too.

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This is fascinating to see, thanks for sharing. I had no idea the rear inner strut was the hinge for the wing, and it’s remarkable to see them folded back completely. The pace they are launching and landing these and running around in coordination is amazing!

Scary though!