A Simple Thought about Adding Scenes and editing 3-D text

When you add a Scene, the tab needs to be control-clicked (Mac) to name it properly…IMHO what a pain. I think it would be very useful if that Tab’s Name was editable the moment you add it. Same thing with 3D text, why is there a non-editable placeholder “Enter Text” in there?

If you have the Scenes window open, you can type the name into the field right after creating the scene
ThomThom wrote an extension years ago for editable 3D Text.

I agree with your basic thought, though there are two different situations.

In the case of a scene name, it might or might not be the next logical step in someone’s workflow to name the scene immediately after creating it. So, setting it up for immediate entry might be seen as a hindrance to them instead of an improvement (sort of the way some people object to dealing with the new component dialog each time and therefore prefer groups). Two sides to the question, no single answer.

For 3D text, however, I find it hard to imagine a situation in which one wouldn’t want to immediately enter specific text instead of leaving the default “Enter Text”. The problem isn’t that the text isn’t editable (it is editable), rather that it isn’t pre-selected. So you have to do some extra mouse clicks or delete key presses to get rid of it before making your entry.

The difference between Mac and Windows.

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Thanks all,

I work exclusively on a mac book pro so I hate having all the windows open - like Scenes :wink:

Anyway, it’s a nit and to your point, maybe the Scenes “auto-edit-name” feature could be a preference.

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