A simple picture frame

I need help badly. I am trying to get the 162x98 flat rectangle to be centered on the 166x102x3 rectangle, then push/pull it 1mm so that the 162x98 is set in the 166x102 rectangle 1mm and there is a 2mm border all around. I am unable to do this. The push/pull tool acts like the move tool. The frustration is killing me.
Please help.

Albert Drybrae

How about using the Offset tool instead?

Is anything grouped or a component? If so you will need to open it for edit. But as @Anssi wrote, the offset tool is what you should use to draw a rectangle inset on the top of the box

While I agree that offset is the more appropriate tool for this it is useful to know how to center things.
Be sure you are in the same context, in other words, if the larger one is a group you need to be inside that group for the faces to interact.
Then use the midpoints to infer the center.

Here’s the offset option.
166 by 102

So I should make each rectangle a group before doing this?

Albert Drybrae

You dont have to, but i like to keep my geometry separate since most parts i make are multi part.