A few problems printing in Sketchup Online

I cannot get Sketchup online to faithfully print most anything.

Half of my callouts are not printed. I occasionally can “ripped” output where it looks like the page was ripped in half and taped back together without lining up.

Here is an example from the print dialog and the resulting PDF:

Three of my callouts are missing or cut off.

Anyone know how to fix this?

What happens if you print it but using a wireframe or X-ray style?

Is this in SketchUp Free or SketchUp Go?

Share the .skp file so we can see your setup.

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I tried Wireframe and the ripped effect is back:

X-Ray cut off less of the callouts, but still not correct.

Interesting to get different results. I should note that this is only a “2D” drawing.

I am using Sketchup Go I believe (the paid version of the web based product.)

Can you share the file?


Re my profile, I see I have some old data in my OS setting and some garbage in my Video Card setting. I cannot find any way to change that. Everything else is complete unless there is some other place where I can enter more data I cannot find. I have tried googling how to update my profile in Discourse but no joy. Where do I go? Thx.

Here it is

Click on your avatar at the top right of the SketchUp Forum window. Click on the last icon in the column.
Screenshot - 11_30_2023 , 1_34_37 PM
Then click on Preferences. You should be able to find the fields to edit and complete for your profile.

FWIW, I’m seeing the same issue in your file when exporting to PDF. I’m not certain why that is. Maybe @colin would have some insight.

If you have to do much of this sort of thing you might find that it’s easier and you’d get better results with SketchUp Pro and LayOut. I did this quickie that way. All text is created in LayOut. With LayOut you could also create multipage .pdf files which you can’t do with the web based version.
Russo Laylight.pdf (31.1 KB)

I moved your thread to the SketchUp Go category.

Ok, I did find it finally! More tabs on tabs.

If you have to do much of this sort of thing you might find that it’s easier and you’d get better results with SketchUp Pro and LayOut.

I mostly use Sketchup Make still, but had to get Go so I could do DXF and STL for some projects. I regret not purchasing Pro before it went to subscription.

I think you aren’t going to the right place. The profile isn’t looked to prevent you from editing it.

I presume this is a hobby thing for you, then. Go is probably the least expensive option although there is an extension for 2017 Make that will export .stl files.

Try exporting .png files from Go. Maybe the label text will show in the png imagees and you can print those.

I just do a screencap, paste into Paint and print the PDF from there. WYSIWYG. Sketchup Make also refuses to print correctly on occasion and that is a long-standing workaround.