A Bracket for 3D Printing

A client asked if I could model this wall bracket for 3D printing. I’m not sure what it’ll be used for. Thought I’d experiment a little with LayOut. Obviously I haven’t bothered to finish inserting dimensions.

SU and LO 2019.


Looks like it might be for a swivel tv wall bracket…

Possibly. I didn’t ask.

I was thinking it could be for some sort of swing arm lamp.

Yes more likely, a tv might be a bit too heavy for plastic :smiley:

I imagine a glass-filled resin could be strong enough. Maybe two brackets, one above the other?

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Like the Flikr presentation - very professional - is the zoom function new?

Thanks. I don’t think the zoom function is new. I don’t remember it not being there.

Is that going to be printed on a desktop printer? Just curious about the orientation of the layers and support material. Nice presentation in LayOut though Dave, I like it.


Hi Matt. I don’t know what they’ll do for the orientation. I just made the model and sent the STL file.


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With a common FDM printer like an Ultimaker or Makerbot, it’s tough sometimes when designing parts and deciding which way to orient them. I usually try to avoid needing support material which requires that all overhangs extend no more than 45 degrees or something like that. Then there’s also layer orientation. With this part, I’d prefer the circular part print on a plane parallel to the bed, so it is stronger, but then you’d pretty much require support material for the overhangs. Print it on its back and the hole isn’t as stronger. If it’s being printed one a different type of printer, that’s a whole different story.


I think it’s a study for a new Disney film. This guy has a built in smoking pipe for a nose


Looks very nice whatever it is.