A better way to move/draw tools with out orienting view position

I believe this was in older version

I think should be axis lines added to move tools when you select a single entity of a line or piece.

and you can turn this option on or off

you can basicly see the axis lines (blue/green/red lines) when you move so you can aline the line for points when moving to trace blueprints and stuff. so you can tell where you lines are without being in a specific view.

heres some pictures to show what I mean

so that the axes lines are on the point they would follow

and in this one

see how the green line alines with the blueprint line in that view.

that’s kind of where I’m getting at with this idea.)

(if this is already on how do I activate this mode.)

Is there any chance you tried ticking the box for Display cross hairs in Preferences>Drawing?

nope pretty new to this

but yep it was there all along

ok go ahead and close this.

You can mark Daves suggestion as the answer to the question.

Note that you can also use the arrow keys to constrain to the appropriate axis (up/down= blue, right = red, left = green) and the line will be highlighted in that colour as you draw it.