64 bit version of Sketchy Physics extension

Does anyone know when we can expect the 64 bit version of Sketchy Physics?

I don’t think that anyone is actively developing Sketchy Physics right now…

You may want to check out MSPhysics, though. They have a recent version for Windows, but I don’t know if it is 64 bit.

Thanks for sharing. I will check it out

Thanks. I’m running SU 2015 pro on a Mac but I do have it partitioned for Windows so that’s a possibility. I will try and inquire to the developer. Would you like to know if I find out anything?

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It never hurts to know more! Thanks!

Bonjour, avez-vous reçu une réponse de la part de l’auteur du plugin concernant une version 64 bits. Merci pour votre réponse.

The Sketchy Physics extension was superseded by MSIPhysics (If I remember right). Even the latter has not been updated for some time. I don’t know if it works with 64-bit SketchUp, and which version.

The last SketchUp version supported by MS Physics is 2017. The author of the extension has indicated that he plans to rework the code to support newer versions but he hasn’t released it yet.

So that version is 64-bit compatible, as SketchUp 2017 was 64-bit only.

Yes. Just not functional with SU versions after 2017.