Run SU Pro 64bit & Make 32bit parallel

Is it possible without any problems, to install and run SketchUp Pro 16 64bit and Make 32bit parallel on one system?
My problem is that I want to purchase SU Pro 2016. I want to use the 64-bit version and its benefits for normal professional work. But for the use of SketchyPhysics I need the 32-bit version. For this SU Make 2016 would be sufficient. So it would be good if I could run both parallel. The solution is crucial for the purchase and the jump from SU 8 Pro to SU 16 Pro.

No, you can have one or the other.
However you can have SU2016 64 and SU2015 32 running together.
But you can run the new MSPhysics on SU2016 64.

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there is no benefit besides using render plugins relying heavily on the memory management of SU.

actually some video drivers (AMD) and their 64-bit OpenGL support do not work flawless with SU x64.

Yes, that’s the problem. I want to use IndigoRT4 and Twilight2 with Pro 64-bit and SketchyPhysics with 32-bit version, because SketchyPhysics doesn’t work with the 64-bit version and MSPhysics is still under development…