5 sided sunroom



How do I make a roof for a 5 sided sun room extension north south ends 3060 and 3 sides 2035 conservatory full size 4200 sq mm.


Hello @carmen,

Your inquiry will be addressed most appropriately if you better define your needs. You may want to include the skp file of your progress thus far or at least show a screen shot of what you are attempting to do.

If you are unable to submit your progress, just make a hand drawn sketch to explain the need and submit the scanned version of that.

Your verbal description may be considered confusing and it is always wise to support requests of this nature with graphic information.


Is this the sort of thing you’re trying to describe?


If 4200mm2 was a square shape it would be just under 65 mm x 65 mm. Did you mean 4.2 m2 ?

I’ve drawn half an octagon with the parallel sides extending back to the house. I’m guessing (you didn’t specify) that the existing house forms the 6th side of the shape. The area of this shape is 20.032 m2. I can’t see you getting the area as small as 4.2 m2.


I expect McGordon has the right shape and I would call that six sides. The five-sided description is maybe confusing.

In any case, maybe the easiest thing to do for the roof is to draw lines for the ridges and then select the high ridge centered between the parallel walls and use the Move tool to move it up to the required height.


https://discourse-cdn-sjc1.com/sketchup/uploads/default/original/3X/6/2/627fccb8617af342698c0eef0eb65eee3680e555.mp4 those are the exact dimensions above. It’s not perfectly symmetrical as in my video. Diameter across is 4300. Still working on getting measurements in as you have them.


How did you do those lines and which axis should I align it to first off green or red? Thanks.


Is mine the correct shape? Or is McGordon’s?


I used the circle tool but changed 24 number to 6 in lower right indicator box. Then used the move tool from a side angle to pull up section by section though that led to some distortion. The 6th wall is attached to the house with a door entrance and is 4300mm. y axis and x is 4200.


McGordan’s is closer to the shape of conservatory. Next question would be how to attach it to the house which is a square bungalow? In two pieces?


Here’s attempt at the layout of the box with last part being sunroom

and yes this is all done in free version sketchup. I have to punch in the last section which is 3060 and either a polygon or hexagon shape actually 6 sided but 5 are exterior. Would people prefer skp files sent rather than pics. Roof pitch is 35 degrees and x,y axes 4200 x 4300 respectively.


skp files are always more helpful than images. From a skp we can see exactly what you have got. :grinning:


velux google image shows not a peaked roof but here’s my attempt. gazebo cannot do skp files as using free version.
Having trouble doing precision numbers and attaching the gazebo just too many snap to’s. What order would you suggest I follow?


The image shows @McGordon’s attempt. So why can’t you use that example?


I typically approach such a shape by:

  1. drawing a (vertical) section of 1/2 of the cross section through the thing,
  2. tracing out a path on the ground plane with lines that follow the outside face of wall, and
  3. use the follow me tool to sweep that section profile around

It generates all the hip intersections for you. You can even include the roof overhang, fascia, soffit, etc. in the section profile and it takes care of all of it.


Exactly right. But I need the height 2400 and one middle side between 2035’s is a 2025 so I have to draw my own or resize your skp file. Thanks. The image is visually what I sh/have been going for.


If you draw it on the floor you can’t pull it up. And when you use the circle tool you can’t change the sizes as there are 3 different widths. So, Question is how do you start with the diameter and width then 5 sides and height. I’m finding my line tool doesn’t snap to it or persist as well as squares drawn with comma separation. Today not productive at all.


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