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hi there…i can’t find 3d modeling Jembatan Ampera by A. Hidayat…(i see in google earth)

Many models in Google Earth were created outside of SketchUp.

Or it is possible that it was on 3Dwarehouse, but was removed at some point…

I really need it…how to get a model like that again…?

Link? Location? …

u can try to open google earth and search: Jembatan Ampera, kota Palembang, Indonesia…
u can see Jembatan ampera 3D model by A. Hidayat…but why if i click model the link is broken “404 page not found” in 3d warehouse…can u help me? tks alot

Those models are owned by Google. It looks like someone attempted to upload a kmz - https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model.html?id=u3c252835-6bb4-459c-8874-f3e408a05ed8 but that’s simply a kml that pulled it’s contents from http://sketchup.google.com/ with a model id=249ac4d5103fe0bf38ae1f1c40d7dd42. That domain is gone. The 3D pipeline is gone. You’d have to contact Google.

that someone is me…:smile: I am trying to get the model…but still can’t get.

Did you contact Google?

i am trying now…perhaps as a solution…

Well, look at the KML you uploaded. It’s just links that no longer work. Use the source, Luke

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By the way, this is my pet peeve with users who don’t know what a kmz is. They try to upload maps to 3dwarehouse, or anything they try to scrape from Google Earth, and expect it to work. We were interested in kmz for the embedded Collada 3D content, so if your kmz does not have 3D content in it, don’t upload. Grumble grumble…

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ok …Barry forgive me…i have delete…tks for attention

No worries - this was meant as a general complaint, not a personal one. :slight_smile: Seriously though, that bridge isn’t impossible to quickly model yourself, just go to 2°59’17.50" S 104°45’58.14" E.