Models disappeared

Hallo, i published about 100 models in the 3Dwarehouse… Few months ago, suddenly two models disappeared.
Can someone tell me about the reasons ?
Thanks Hans-Martin Riehle

Private message me the details / descriptions / url’s and I’ll hunt them down.

You’re saying you have 104 models?

Yes, i published 104 models. But today only 102 can be seen. ( Disappeared had two buildings, both had been geolocated: in Trochtelfingen/Hohenzollern/Germany)

Any idea when they were uploaded? Were they a part of Google Earth? I found a couple here: 48°18’20.21" N 9°14’30.77" E and scanning your models, one of those is here:

and another

Can you give me one that’s in Google Earth that’s not in 3DWarehouse?

The two models that disappeared, had been uploaded about two or three years ago. Both had been geolocated and seen on Google Earth. Both buildings - my house and a sports hall - are located in Trochtelfingen/Hohenzollern (my hometown). The towers you sent me the fotos, are also my models: they had also been visible in Google Earth, but they appear on the 3Dwarehouse until the present day. So, i don`t know why two models in Trochtelfingen disappeared, whereas others are still present. Thank you for your help ! Hans-M.Riehle

The sports hall -

D-72818 Trochtelfingen, Hohenbergstr.19

I can find in Google Earth. I cruised around for a house in that area and didn’t see it. Can you send me a kml or pin drop on where it’d be. I may be able to dig into this.

Found and shared the sports hall.

Yes, the adress Schulsporthalle, D-72818 Trochtelfingen, Hohenbergstr.19 is correct !
I published my model - about 3 years ago -but unfortunately i did erase the file on my PC. So i am not able to upload it a second time; the file is just gone.
You say, you found and shared the sports hall from Trochtelfingen. I`m sorry, i still can find it in the 3Dwarehouse.

Click on your icon to check your private messages from me. I shared a model on Google drive for you to upload. Please confirm it’s the one you wanted, and I’ll use the details you just shared to hunt down the other one.

That address is not have a 3D building in Google Earth, so I’m not hopeful, but I’ll poke around for it. You should hear back from me in the next few hours.

OK, I’ve Private Message’d you url’s for 2 models - please confirm they’re the right ones. You had 67 models uploaded from the last time we got a data dump, the rest have been uploaded in the past 3+ years. Click on your icon upper right, then the little envelope to read your private messages with the links.