3Skeng Extension

I used the 3Skeng demo version and found it to be useful in layout of HVAC ductwork for my floorplans. So I have purchased the 3Skeng Channel tool, which will do the rectangular duct pieces, but not any of the round. Before i make any more purchases i need to know if i HAVE to purchase the full 3Skeng Pipe Tool or can I purchase only a library to work with Channel Tool. My ONLY need is to do rectangular/Round ductwork and it seems rather pricy to have to purchase (2) tool sets. Any suggestions would be appreciated or maybe there is another extension i am not aware of that would do the same. Ihave no idea how to contact 3Skeng support as it seems rather invisible to the naked eye.

You should probably contact them directly… Here is a link to their contact info on their webpage.

thank you Aaron, that was the piece i couldn’t find. thx again.

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