3DS import

Hi there,
I was trying import a 3DS model. But as you can see on the screenshot it look like I can’t…
Do you have any solution please ?

Import it on the dektop, first.
Use the Trimble Connect ‘Publish Model’ to have it available on the iPad.

Hi Mike,
Thanks for your answer but I only got my Ipad…
I got the same problem for dwg files.

Why have a ‘Pro subscription’ then? The iPad viewer is not the same as the full blown desktop app.
It has fewer import options, for instance.

Admittedly, we can (and should, and will) do better, but note that while we continue to build out a longer list of importers and exporters in SketchUp for iPad, there’s also the option to visit SketchUp for Web, on your iPad, and use the available importers & exporters that are available there (with a Go, Pro, or Studio subscription).