3d wear house Is not loading from this morning

From morning iam facing issue in opening sketchup 3d warhorse. Please anyone help

who uses warhorses, it’s not 1914… :nerd_face:

try coffee and patience, if the warehouse crashed worldwide, it’ll progressively come back.


It’s been fixed and available now.

Hi then what would you suggest to use ?

The issue with the 3D Warehouse was fixed.

Your profile says you are using “Free Plan” SketchUp 2019. SketchUp 2019 has not been supported by the 3D Warehouse for several years. Also, the only “Free Plan” of SketchUp 2019 would be a cracked version. Is that what you are using?

Hi daveR I use online sketch up for my hobby. While using it this morning it was very slow and not responding so asked for help .

Waiting for ur response. Is there any alternative to 3d models

That’s not SketchUp 2019 as you put in your forum profile.

Yes. There was a problem with the Warehouse and the team worked on it. They seem to have resolved it on their end for now. Try clearing browser caches and restart SketchUp. It works fast here.

You could create them yourself.

the warehouse is working again. it started working again about 11h ago. just after I posted my message.

and an alternative to the 3d models of the warehouse is to do the 3d models yourself.

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