3d Warehouse - what are these attributes?

Can anyone explain the history of these attributes in a 3d warehouse model…

none of my own uploaded models show them…

How are they assigned by someone uploading a model?

are they only attributes of uploaded models assigned as PRODUCTS … not MODELS?

how does one get a model assigned as a product?

Why are they only attributed to products?

are they only a recent enhancement to 3DW?

Yo can attach those attributes to components in entity info (advanced attributes). You should load first classifications—


These parameters are still textual parameters and have no relation to the uploaded 3D object / model.
So even if you upload an object that has been classified, these parameters are not automatically filled in on the 3D Warehouse.

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There is actually one model that has these Classifications filled in…

I bet it’s the only one in the Warehouse:)

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only 1 :slight_smile: ? any idea how they were able to do that?

It needs to be done manually in the browser, but I think you need to be recognised as an Organisation (Org)

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