3D Warehouse catalog feature: Bulk management tool issue

I am currently exploring the bulk uploading feature in 3D Warehouse for catalog management purposes for a special client project. My goal is to efficiently add and upload multiple 3D models with specific attributes extracted from a .csv file.

However, I have encountered a limitation in the platform’s bulk management tool. It appears that while it allows for the creation and management of attributes such as size, weight, and URL, those attributes generated using the Dynamic Attribute panel within SketchUp, including custom attributes defined by name and other specific information, are not supported in the bulk management process.

➜ To enhance the usability and flexibility of the bulk uploading feature, I would like to suggest the inclusion of a special attribute management system that supports Dynamic Attributes in future releases and updates of 3D Warehouse.

➜ Additionally, I am reaching out to the SketchUp community to inquire if anyone has encountered a workaround or alternative solution to address this issue. Your insights and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


pinging @Jake_from_SketchUp & @TheGuz