3d warehouse profile photo


I’m just wondering if there is a way to change my 3d warehouse profile photo. I was actually able to do this in the extention warehouse but on my 3d warehouse profile it’s still the one i stated with.


Hello Sir @mitchelldkirk, we also had a topic about that before.


ok then, thanks for the help


ok i tried doing what the guy said in the reply to that topic you linked but i go to the my account page and with the circular picture in the top right where i go to change the picture, i have already changed it and the one on the warehouse is still the same one from when i started using 3d warehouse.


Hi @mitchelldkirk, unfortunately this is not a feature we have in 3D Warehouse at this time. When you create your account we can import your Google profile photo, but beyond that the photo is locked in.

We cannot comment on specifics of the future roadmap, but this is definitely the appropriate way to make your voice heard. We’re listening.


ok then i’ll just stick with the one i have then till this does become a feature.


New profile features were launched today. A user can now upload a custom profile photo, or pick from our pre-selected avatars.


I saw that earlier. now i can change my profile pic. witch i have done now.