How to change profile picture in 3d warehouse?

So here’s the thing, I want to change my profile picture so bad in 3d warehouse, but I cant the way how to do so. I have tried to change Google settings via Google dashboard, no luck. Go to Google+ settings, no luck. I even deleted the pictures on my profile picture album on my Google+ pictures, but the profile picture on 3d warehouse is still there. When I clicked the ‘my account’ on 3d warehouse I taken into Google+ setting page again. This really makes me so frustrated.


Did you sign in using a Google account?

If so, the process is easy.

  1. Sign into 3D Warehouse (I think still works).
  2. In the dropdown where your name is, choose ‘My Account.’
  3. Click on ‘Edit Profile.’
  4. Click on the circular picture
  5. Choose the desired file and upload.

Hope this helps.


Change your Profile Picture in your Gmail Account.

@Drew29. I’ve tried it before, and now that you mentioned it, I try it again, still not working. Thanks for your reply…

@SketchupKage01 Thanks for the reply, but still not working.

It’s interesting that my propic is hosted on, so I go there to see if I can log in, but there’s no sign in option on

For clarification i tried changing my Profile Picture in my Gmail Account. I changed my profile but in 3d warehouse its still my old Pic.

Yea, we’re fixing this. Not easy enough to do this right now.

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I think it could be nice to use a similar way as the Extension Warehouse account. Anyway, I think you’ guys are doing a great job :slight_smile:

I have the same problem, I would change my photo.

Hi Barry,
did you fix the profile picture issue? How could i change my picture?
Thanks in advance.
All the best

I can’t comment on future work or I’ll get into trouble.

New profile features were launched today. A user can now upload a custom profile photo.

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