3D Warehouse Overhaul (Problems?)

Updating this thread - your models are still there. We discovered a display issue on yours and several other accounts. You will see them again when we push a fix in the next couple of hours.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Give it a shot again. We believe the issue is fixed.

It works. :grinning: It takes a minute… But it works.

Hi Krzysztof,

Can you take a look again and see if this is still happening?


Today, the thumbnails were shown as a standard image for all the models and right now I can’t access my 3DW account. Is the update still in progress?

What’s happening? the same problem…

We had a technical issue with the thumbnail images yesterday. They should be restored and delivered much faster now. Please let us know if you see this problem again.


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@suTeam. Can you consider adding a “Face me component(s)” -tag for making it more easy to browse after contents?

Hi Kiwi,

Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll see if there’s a way we can accommodate it.

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And a ‘educational’ category, perhaps?
For Workshops, training or models that you would download when doing a course?

Hello @psaal I am not sure, but I do not see any means of updating my old 3D Warehouse models. Is this not possible to do?

Hi @kiwi and sorry for the slow reply - I was out of the office. To update one of your existing 3D Warehouse models go to the model page, then click on the three dots and then click on Edit Model. It will open the model edit page where you can upload a new file.


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Does not seem to work today:(

Can someone on the forum confirm that updating an old model on the 3D Warehouse by uploading a newer version in its place is actually working?

It worked for me just the other day. It took a minute, but it eventually worked.

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Hi @kiwi, I just tried it as well and it is working as intended. If you’re still having an issue with it would you please post a screenshot or two so we can see what you’re seeing? Thanks!

Ok folks, I finally solved the case!

I was trying to update my old model on the 3D Warehouse from inside the SketchUp interface without any luck. (My system: su2017 on Windows.)

When I instead signed into my SketchUp Google account from my default web browser (Opera) everything worked out just fine:)

Hello everyone.
Apologies if this is not the right place for this, I don’t have the same problem that was mentioned at the beginning of this topic but it is a problem with the 3D warehouse that has happened since the last overhaul. The last 4 models I have uploaded are registering the downloads but they are not showing up on the public page or even in my content page, so when I sort them by popularity they will be down at the bottom of the pile as if they, in fact, have zero downloads.
Am I the only one who has this problem?

I really should have tagged you in my last post from 3 days ago.
Is this a problem you are aware of?