3D Warehouse efficiency

I have certain models (like kitchen accessories, toilets, lighting, etc) saved in folders under My Content.
To get to any single saved model I have at least 8 mouse clicks to get there. 3D Warehouse (top) > My Name (top right) > My Content (top right) > Folder icon (far left) > my folder (middle) > models (middle)
Then when I click on the model it takes me to another page with the model. Then I have to click on the Download button. Then it asks “download directly into your SketchUp model?” And I have to click ‘yes’.
Then the 3D Warehouse window disappears, and my model is inserted.

But rarely do I need only one model … so I click on the 3D Warehouse icon again… and the screen that’s there is the same last screen that shows the last model I inserted. But I would never need that same model … however I can’t go back a screen because the arrows are greyed out, and I can only go back to my name on the top right, click under My Content and start the process over again.

So either I’m doing something wrong, or this is a very inefficient system.

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Maybe a batch upload?

Is there an option for that?

I’ve tried to click on the small check box on each model within a folder, but all it allows me to do is batch relocate them to different folder or remove them. I see no where to download all the selected model into the model. I

Leaving the 3D warehouse window open after download has been requested again and again.

You can open the 3D warehouse in a web browser window and access the models that way. The upside is the page will not close on download and your search history is preserved. However, models will be downloaded to your desktop (or chosen download folder) as separate files rather than directly into your open SketchUp file. You can then drag the downloaded file and drop in into your open Model window to import it. This adds one extra step on your local side and some file clean up later to trash all the downloaded files, but if you are downloading a lot it can be less annoying than re-opening the Warehouse window and search pathway every time.

Yeah, it works, but doesn’t really help it be more efficient.

In SketchUp, the Component panel has an option to display My models and My Collections. You can open them both, too:

Not the solution I was expecting, but that does make the workflow much less tedious. Thank you.