3D Warehouse download wiped out my Sketchup File

I was downloading a window from the 3D warehouse. As soon as I hit yes, to the download the working area of Sketchup17 went blank. I could do nothing with the file. I save it and closed it and when I examined it in Finder on my Macbook Pro the file name was there but the .skp designation was not there. I could still open the file but nothing showed on the screen. I lost 2 days of work on a residential job and I’m very frustrated. The Autobackup file was not there either. I have experienced Sketchup crashing when downloading a file from the 3D warehouse before but have never had a file wiped out completely. I am getting to dislike Sketchup more and more. Is anyone else having similar problems?

I can’t say I’ve experienced that. I can say, I don’t particularly like navigating 3D Warehouse inside SketchUp, and I don’t often download something directly into the model I’m working on.

You don’t by any chance have a Time Machine backup running, do you?

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Where auto save files are has changed. In the 2017 version they would be here:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2017/SketchUp/Autosave

Whether Finder shows .skp is a preference in the Get Info window. You may have it set to hide the extension.

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