3D Warehouse and Extension Manager not displaying properly

3D Warehouse and Extension Manager window open but only partially display in Sketchup Pro. There is no text or images. I can access these ok via a web browser but not in app.

try this:

  • 1 Quit SketchUp
  • 2 In Finder, head for ~/library/Application Support/SketchUp/SketchUp 2021
  • 3 Delete the WebCache folder
  • 4 Start SketchUp again

Thanks, I’ve done that and I’ll see how it goes. I found the problem seemed to be related to the large size of my model (many components, far from origin etc), which persisted even when working on something small. But 3D and Extension Warehouses are working now.

My system was getting slow, as it has done before, but this effect with 3D Warehouse was a first. Also have had a few crashes (panic attack) - waiting for the new iMac - but while I can understand a graphic card working better with CUDA, I do not understand why my pre-CUDA nvidia card is not used at all. The WebCache was several hundred MB, so I hope that will fix the slowness and warehouse problem for the time being.

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