3D Warehouse Access 2021.1

Since my update to 2021.1 been getting this message

But I have a perfectly good Internet [how could I post this ]

and access Sketchucation Store within Sketchup 2021.1 no problem…

Any ideas?

If you haven’t changed anything, SketchUp uses bing.com to test if you are online. Are you able to load bing.com in a web browser?

Hi Colin,


PS… I can access 3DW outside of Sketchup using the same browser “BRAVE”

Read this article, the part about OnlineTestURL in particular:


Edit the PrivatePreferences.json file so that the address that is checked is something other than bing.com. In the article it gives an intranet address as an example, but you could use https://www.google.com, and see if that is not blocked.

Make sure SketchUp is closed before you edit the file, then open SketchUp again after saving the changes.

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Hi Colin,

Cleared Browser Cache and Cookies – no change

Repathed the Test URL to www.duckduckgo.com WORKED!

Also fixed the sluggish SU startup time [about 20sec] which I thought was just a 2021.1 change…

now opening in 2-3 secs


Although… just tried to Geolocate my project and now getting a warning I cannot as I am not connected to the internet … hmmm

That is other kind of problem…
Usually can be solved by log out an log in again (SU restart in between, could be in charge also.)

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