When I go to the warehouse 3D or Extensions this message pops up

No internet connection, I followed the instructions on the Help section in SketchUp. I called McAfee and sent the screenshots for possible fixes. Firewall, Browser etc; After two help sessions with tech support they said it was on SketchUp. I’m new to SketchUp so any advice would be welcome.

Does bing.com load ok in a web browser?

Thanks for getting back to me.

Yes, I went through the process of going through bing.com then http//sketchup.com/3D warehouse , then closing out and going back to the warehouse.

My default browser is Microsoft Edge.

So, do I need to make bing my default browser? I’m still having the same issue.

bing.com is a search engine, not a browser. It’s the address SketchUp uses to test whether you have an Internet connection. If for some reason your system blocks bing.com, then SketchUp will think you’re not online.

I wrote this topic about the problem, you could see if the work arounds I give help you: