3d volume/dimensions

I want to create a glass bottle to print in 3d, I have all the required dimensions in mm, the height, the diameter, the thickness etc … it is a bottle which must contain 750ml with the given dimensions. once I create the bottle with the exact dimensions (which I have checked several times) when I click on entity info, I have a solid with the right dimensions, but the volume is much too small, I do not have 750ml (750,000 mm3) i have 106,000mm3. can somebody help or explain it to me please? thanks

When you say it must contain 750ml, that is not the same as entity info reporting the volume of the “glass”, I would think. You need to fill the container with a volume for an accurate result?

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I think @IanT got it right: you are seeing the volume of the solid object, i.e. the bottle itself, not the volume of the void inside it.

hi Ian, yes i do

It makes sense, thank you!

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