Many errors detected by 3d printing software when trying to 3d print SketchUp shapes


Needless to say I’m new to SketchUp. I made the wine glass from the Followme tutorial video and another shape of my own. I sent them to be 3d printed and their software showed many errors in the shapes. Is there something special I need to do to make my shapes 3d printable? The tutorials didn’t mention anything.

If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.


You would probably be best off sharing the model. Can you post your .SKP file for us to take a look at?


Wine Glass_1 partially healed.skp (1.6 MB)
Mjolnir_solidX with text.skp (2.5 MB)


The wine glass faces are reversed and the bottom has no face so it’s no wonder it won’t print.

Correct the face orientation so the white front faces are out and heal the bottom by tracing an edge segment. Do those things and make it a component. It’ll show as “solid” and should be 3D printable.


“Thor’s Hammer” is more involved.
You cannot have separate groups - like the text - that geometry needs to be merged with the rest, the intersections formed and internal faces erased.
The ‘handle’ also has reversed faces…
These are easily fixable and when grouped it reports ‘solid’.


I reversed faces but my wine glass looks like this:

What did I do wrong? Thanks for helping me. I greatly appreciate it.


You still haven’t filled in the bottom.


As Dave says…
Draw a line over an edge of the base and it will form a face.
Select everything and group it - it should show ‘solid’ in ‘entity info’…


I healed the bottom and selected the entire wine glass shape and grouped it but it doesn’t show as solid.


I suggest you get ThomThom’s Solid Inspector 2 and use it to check your work. It’s impossible to tell from the image what you might have gotten wrong.


At a guess, I would say you have included the dimensions in the group, remove them and it probably will be a solid.


I tried it with the dimensions included and SU and SI2 both reported it as solid. So I think there is some other mistake.


As @Box said, you’ve included the dimensions in the group. Compare your screen shot to mine. Notice in mine, the dimensions are not highlighted like they are in yours.

Upload the latest iteration so we can find the problem. If you’d only healed the bottom face and made it a group or component, it would have been solid.


Steve is right it does work with the dims, But there must be something else going on.
Try this.


Thank you and everybody very much.


I think I got it fixed. I redid the Followme and redid the reverse faces and healing the bottom and grouping and it shows as solid. I would like to thank everyone who helped me. I really do appreciate the help.


Glad you got it sorted but I have a question. Can you show a screen shot of your setup before running Follow Me? You shouldn’t have to heal the bottom after the Follow Me operation.


Here’s the screenshot of before the Followme.


OK. Try this. select and delete the face of the circle before running Follow Me. Then after Follow Me, look at the bottom of the goblet. Different?


Don’t sit the profile on the circle.
If they are touching you get no bottom, but if the circle is below you’ll get a filled bottom.