3D Text tool in SU 2018 forgets previously selected Extrusion depth - bug?

I’m finding using 3D Text in SU 2018 very clumsy. I select a font type and size, and it is remembered from one use to the next.

But the Extrusion depth is not, and it defaults to some arbitrary and totally unusable default, EVERY TIME.

It behaves as I would expect in SU 2017 - the depth is remembered.

Anyone else found this?

The dialog opens with this, and reverts the Extrusion depth to the same arbitrary value after I have previously set it (0.5m in my use case)

it seems to be a bug writing and reading from the SharedPreferences.json file…

previous versions use the .plist


Certainly not an issue on PC.

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Is there anything I can do to fix it? Examine the json file, or change its permissions…? Groping in the dark here.

they are stored in decimal inch format so maybe using inches will work…

if you edit the .json file it gets overwritten on close…

or use TT’s 3D text editor…


We’ve duplicated the issue here in-house and entered a bug in our internal bug database (SU-34471).


Thank you MArk (@mchandler).

Any chance of a fix in a maintenance release of 2018, or will it have to wait to 2019? It does make using the 3D Text tool very clumsy - not only does it default to Enter Text every time, instead of remembering what you last entered, and might want simply to place again or edit slightly, but you have to reset the Extrusion depth every time too.

Maybe you could add remembering the text to place at the same time as fixing the Extrusion depth bug?

I frequently forget to do either one or the other, so it can take two or three goes to get the right text to place at the correct thickness.

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